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What is the process to buy a home with AHSTI?

We refer to our process as the Customer Journey Experience. Because taking time from your job can be challenging, the process is designed with you in mind and utilizes technology as much as possible to interact with AHSTI. As a result, you will only come in for a face-to-face meeting when it is absolutely necessary.


Click on the button below to create your account. Once you create your account and complete your profile you will receive a call to verify the information you entered before moving on to the next step.

At this time you will be assigned a mortgage readiness status. This status lets us know whether you are ready to proceed to program eligibility or if you need to make a pit stop on your journey to speak with a Homebuyer Advisor.


If you are identified as Mortgage Ready, you will proceed to the Eligibility Determination Session (EDS). During the EDS it will be determined if you are eligible for the program.  The EDS is completed via phone call.

For more information on qualifying for the program click the button below.  Please note that program eligibility is not the same as being approved for a loan. 


If you are determined eligible for the program, your next step will be a pre-qualification. 

Getting pre-qualified is the initial step in the mortgage process, and it's generally fairly simple. We evaluate the the information you supplied during your Eligibility Determination Session (which includes your debt, income and assets), to get an idea of of the mortgage amount for which you might qualify.  The Pre-Qualification letter will be uploaded to your account. In some cases, the Loan Originator will call you to obtain further information.

Please note: the Pre-Qualification IS NOT a loan approval. We use it as a first step to determine if you are a good candidate for a mortgage loan and if we have a product that falls in your pre-qualification range. 


If we have a product that fits in your pre-qualification amount then your next step will be to meet with our Customer Journey (CJ) Specialist.  The CJ Specialist will reach out to you to schedule your appointment and  will send you the subdivisions and floor plans that fall within your pre-qual amount.

When you meet with your CJ Specialist, you will select your subdivision, lot, floor plan, make your required deposit, and sign your sales contract. 

After you have signed your sales contract your next step will be to meet with the loan originator to make your formal loan application.  If you are approved, you will be approved pending verification of certain information such as employment and rental history. During this step you may be asked to bring additional documentation to complete your loan application.



While your loan is being processed you will need to complete your required Homebuyer Education (HBE) Class. You have the choice of taking the class in-person or online. The in-person class is 8 hours and has a $50 fee. The online class has a $99 fee. 


Material Selection is where you will choose your brick, flooring, and facia paint color.

You may also have an opportunity to choose "extras." Please note that those "extras" MUST be paid before construction can begin on your house.


After material selection is complete and you have taken your home buyer education class, your home can now be released for construction. Your CJ Specialist will provide updates on the construction progress of your home during this phase.  

All of our homes are Energy Star Certified, GreenBuilt RGV Certified, and come with a 2-10 Warranty.


Once construction has been completed and you have done your final walk through your file will be released and sent back to lending to prepare for closing.


AHSTI is not only your lender and general contractor, but your loan servicer as well. This means that you make all your payments with us!