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Q: What is homebuyer development and how much does it cost?

A: It is an opportunity to work with one-on-one with a trained homebuyer advisor who will help you become mortgage ready at your pace. The session are FREE of charge. 

Q: Why do you need to see my bank statements?

A: In order to provide you with a full financial analysis we need to see your bank statements.  We use it to help guide you in developing a budget and decreasing unnecessary expenses. 

Q: Will you report my information to Health and Human Services?

A: We do not share information with any entities other than the ones listed on the disclosure that we ask you to sign. These entities are HUD, NeighborWorks America,  and Texas Mortgage and Lending division.

Q: What kind of education classes do you have? Is there a fee?

A: We have Homebuyer Education classes ($50 in-person or $99 online), Financial Fitness (Free of charge), and Post Puchase classess (Free of charge).

Q: Why do I have to take a Homebuyer Education class?

A: There are some loan programs that require the customer taking a homebuyer education class as a condition of the loan. AHSTI's program requires the applicant and co-applicant take the homebuyer education class. 

Q: Why do I have to take a Financial Fitness class? 

A: Information you entered in your profile indicated that you may benefit from a Financial Fitness class. 

Q: I go over the 80% income limit for my household size. Does that mean you can't help me?

A: Homebuyer development services are not restricted to household income or to AHSTI's loan program. If you are getting a loan with another lender we can review your loan documents with you or get your ready for their product.