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The importance of knowing your options

A female customer looking at a paper with mortgage options on it
Customer reviewing her options with AHSTI staff member

Have you ever been faced with a decision where you weren’t sure which road to choose? Sometimes choosing the easy path is faster and easier until you realize on down the line that the other road would have been better for your situation had you only known at the time. It’s this realization that compelled Affordable Homes of South Texas, Inc. to make a big change to its services.

For the last 45 years, Affordable Homes of South Texas, Inc. has been offering its own mortgage loan product to homebuyers unable to qualify for traditional mortgage loans. It has been wonderful. We have been able to help over 4,500 homebuyers achieve their dream and we look forward to helping more.

The reality though, is that it has been only one product and the options a customer has are to continue or withdraw from the program. Yet, every customer has different needs and priorities. Some prefer to have a lower interest rate even if it means they pay a little more in closing costs or have a minimal down payment even though the interest rate might be a little higher. Some just wanted to go through our program because they received a recommendation from someone they knew and that recommendation meant they could trust us. Previously we would have to refer all these customers out, but not anymore.

Now after 45 years of serving the community, we are happy to announce that we have expanded our services. AHSTI is offering additional mortgage products for customers that provide a variety of options such as special first-time homebuyer programs that include conventional, FHA, VA, in addition to our tried-and-true standard first mortgage loan product.

We also can now offer affordable refinance options to lower the rate, make home repairs, remodel, and even make energy efficiency upgrades.

Whichever situation you find yourself in, you can count on having options to choose from and on AHSTI’s 45 years of expertise to guide you every step of the way.

We invite you to visit us online at or at our Downtown McAllen or Weslaco office and start your journey today!

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