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As we planned our re-opening, we focused on keeping the two most important segments of our organization safe: Customers and Employees. 

Disinfection and Sanitation - Before bringing employees back, AHSTI contracted a professional cleaning company to disinfect and sanitize all of our buildings, a total of 7 buildings. Plus our Maintenance Team disinfects all common areas such as door handles, reception desks, restrooms, etc... twice a day.


Social Distancing - We have marked our lobbies to accommodate the recommended 6 ft. distance between customers waiting in line. Our employee breakrooms and meeting rooms have also been adjusted to reflect social distancing guidelines.

Masks - All employees are required to wear masks in common areas (lobbies, hallways, restrooms, copier areas, etc...). When lobbies are reopened to the public, customers will be required to wear masks when entering any of our buildings. 

Appointments - We are still encouraging virtual appointments by phone or video conference. In the event that an in-person meeting must be held, the customer will need to wear a mask or face covering. We will provide gloves to the customer when it is needed. If the employee and the customer cannot sit 6 ft. apart then we will place a clear divider between the employee and the customer during the meeting. Any customer unwilling to comply with this policy will be unable to meet in person with the employee. 

Classes - Until further notice, AHSTI will not be holding any in-person classes. We will hold these classes virtually. If the customer is unable to access a virtual class, a request for another type of class delivery may be requested of the class instructors. 

Meeting Room Rentals - Until further notice, AHSTI will not be renting out our meeting rooms to the public.

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Any person with concerns regarding the organization's practices and/or the conduct of its' employees may report their concerns on a confidential and anonymous basis by either emailing or by calling the Hotline 956-322-3330.

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